SAX-DJ Elio, aka Martin Buursen is not only a DJ, but a saxophone player as well! He mixes and plays at the same time, creating a very groovy and funky dance atmosphere.

Using the best tracks from all eras of music, he has an extra value above the 'normal' DJ's, who only mix records.
Using his saxophone as a secret weapon, he establishes a 'live feel' to the music.

SAX-DJ Elio has played in clubs, concerts, private parties, schools and corporate events on many occasions, inviting audiences to come loose
on the dancefloor and start dancing to the wonderful beats, combined with skillfully played saxophone solos.

Starting as a schooled musician, he quickly recognized the fact that many DJ performances are often boring and unimaginative.
His love for mixing and the Saxophone made him combine the two and invented a new style of music and performance.

SAX-DJ Elio is available for bookings on all possible occasions.